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Inter-Korean Liaison Office

Inter-Korean Liaison Office Opens

Inter-Korean Liaison Office Opens

In a continuation of diplomatic talks between the two Korean nations, the city of Kaesong in the DPRK has opened the first joint liaison office which will be staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by officials from both countries, providing a site for continuous talks between the nations. This is the next step in Moon Jae-in’s policy of talks and joint ventures with the government in Pyongyang, expressing a will to initiate a period of detente, which could lead to a peace-deal and normalisation of diplomatic relations.

Kaesong city joint liaison office

Kaesong city is located in the far south of the DPRK. It is near the border village of Panmunjom in the DMZ and easily accessible for South Korean officials seeing as it is also the site of the joint-industrial complex which is a joint industrial park established in 2002. The office will be a major step towards the normalisation of diplomatic relations and make it harder for dangerous misunderstandings at the border and for relations to degrade quickly since this permanently staffed office will act as a centre for lowering tensions and talking through issues quickly and dealing with major issues before they can trigger increased tensions and sabre-rattling. It is also a signal from Pyongyang that it is willing to build on relations that began with the Panmunjom declaration after the Kim-Moon summit in 2018, it could also symbolise the first step towards the opening of more diplomatic centres in both countries, and potentially, the opening of embassies sometime in the future.

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