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First trip to the DPRK | Pyongyang & Pyongsong

The city of Pyongyang, relatively small by international standards, is most well known for buildings and sites located in the heart of the city. For this reason, a walk between the Grand Theatre and Kim Il Sung Square may seem to an outsider as a...

First trip to the DPRK | Entering Korea

On the morning of the 25th of July 2019, I found myself onboard a train crossing a river I had been aspiring to cross for the previous 8 years. The river was the Amnok (Yalu) river which marks the border between the People’s Republic of China and...

Second Trip to the Odusan Reunification Observatory

On the 5th of December I travelled north of Seoul to Odusan on the Northern Limit Line between the Democratic People’s of Korea and the Republic of Korea for the second time. Last time I visited was a national holiday, Hangul proclamation day...

My visit to the Gwan San Peninsula

Stepping out to the observation deck of the Odusan Unification Observatory, for the first time in my life, my eyes settled on the far bank of the Imjin river and the distant buildings and vague shapes carved into the landscape created by the paths...

About Mansudae Korea

About Mansudae Korea

Mansudae Korea was started in September 2018 originally as a repository for interesting information pertaining to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The DPRK is uniquely fascinating due to the lack of reliable information coming out of the country; therefore the original aim of this site was to provide some context to the constant North Korea news cycle.

We attempt to keep up-to-date with the breaking news and important revelations occurring in and around the DPRK whilst also covering interesting topics which many media outlets do not have time to cover. Since 2018, the site has grown significantly with numerous articles from new contributors and a continuously updated list of articles to keep you informed about the goings on inside the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

About the Editor

Benjamin Weston

Benjamin Weston first began studying the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in 2012 after seeing it on the news during the early months of the Marshal Kim Jong Un's premiership. In 2018 he started he moved to Seoul to study Korean and started a small online blog about North Korea. That month, he began work on the first article on Mansudae Korea and the website was born.

In September 2018, he moved to Seoul, South Korea, to study Korean in a small language school in Sinchon-dong. During this time he made numerous trips to the border, most notably, the Odusan Unification Observatory.

He moved to Beijing in April 2019 where he started working for a Beijing-based North Korea travel company. He has since gone on to work as the International Submissions Coordinator for the Pyongyang International Film Festival as well as working on a series of other DPRK-related projects.

He first visited the DPRK in July 2019, working on a tour to celebrate Victory Day.

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